Leibniz Research Alliance
Historical Authenticity

© MfN/Hwa Ja Goetz

Research Objectives

For modern societies history plays a key role in the quest for self-reassurance. The purpose of the research alliance is to reflect on the current meaning of authenticity in disciplines and institutions concerned with history and hence to deepen our understanding of the past as a resource in the societies of the present.

The Leibniz Research Alliance Historical Authenticity will discuss and review the value attached to the past with a view to helping resolve political and social problems and conflicts and providing cultural orientation in times of intense social change. The research pursued by the research alliance is intended to provide generally applicable insights for museum and exhibition concepts and designs and for the communications and educational work connected with them. Its analysis of the changing approaches to historical buildings and quarters in our cities and cultural landscapes will further the shaping of a liveable environment. It will consider the powerful role played by historical interpretation in ethnic, religious, national and international conflicts and hence further our understanding of current political conflicts.

The goal of the Leibniz Research Alliance Historical Authenticity is to produce cutting-edge research by bridging disciplinary divides, establish examples of best-practice in museum contexts and provide a vital link between scholarship and public education.