Leibniz Research Alliance
Historical Authenticity

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Reports, public relations, and knowledge transfer

The Leibniz Research Alliance Historical Authenticity is designed to be a forum for exchange in which current and future projects will be incorporated in a joint inter- and transdisciplinary discussion process. In this way new research perspectives and issues will be outlined and new knowledge generated with a view to enhancing the scholarly value of all the projects.

The research alliance will use the following formats in academic and more general circles:

  • International conferences, workshops, panel discussions, public presentations and exhibitions.
  • Recruitment of further institutional partners in order to establish the research alliance as a long-term presence in the field of knowledge application and communication
  • Involvement of external partners via an international visiting scholar programme
  • Publication of a transdisciplinary handbook “Historical Authenticity”. In addition, publications in peer-reviewed academic journals, special issues of the journals published by the participating institutes and the Leibniz Journal.